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Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide


Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide (YAOW), a high-tech European company group develops versatile, time-proven technologies. Our product range includes thermal imaging devices and digital day & night optics.

Our devices are used in almost every country and continent by a wide community including:

– Hunters
– Fishermen
– Animal & nature research observers
– Mariners
– Security industries
– Rescuers
– Outdoor enthusiasts

Our company group is a pioneer in the production of civil thermal imaging devices. Our main markets are Europe and the US but we export our products to more than 70 countries around the world. Being one of the few manufacturers providing a full production cycle, we proudly carry the Made in Europe flag. Our product line consists of more than 200 product names. The most famous brands are PULSAR and YUKON ADVANCED OPTICS.

Throughout the 30 years of YAOW’s history, the company has always been at the centre of many innovations and has proven to be the leader of the global market for thermal imaging devices.

We believe that behind each technology are the people who create it. Modern, free and open to new ideas, our people are the key to our successful development of advanced and innovative technologies.

The professional development of our team is our top priority; so, we constantly invest in ongoing training. By creating opportunities to acquire the most up-to-date knowledge, we aim to increase the skills and competencies of our employees.

YAOW is a multinational and multicultural company headquartered in Lithuania. The Group consists of 7 companies with over 1000 employees around the world.

 Beginning of the story

A group of enthusiasts assemble the first handmade wooden observation tubes in the basement of an unfinished residential building. The devices find buyers in the small markets of Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Italy, and Russia. The choice of wood is due to the shortage of other materials – at the time it was not possible to buy metal.


Launch of daytime optics manufacturing

Daytime optical observation devices (spotting scopes and binoculars) become the core of the newly introduced brand – Yukon Advanced Optics.


Launch of night vision optics

With the range of daytime optics growing, the production of first-night vision devices begins. The company’s share in the global market of 1st generation night vision devices will reach 70% by 2005.


Manufacture of night vision scopes

The first night vision riflescope – the NVRS – is launched. Night hunting scopes will be successfully sold over the next 15 years.


Establishment of Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide

The headquarters of the Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide group of companies is established in Vilnius, Lithuania.


First digital night vision devices

Yukon pioneers the development of digital night vision devices and becomes the first manufacturer in the world to offer the Ranger and Ranger Pro 5×42 to the civilian market.

The Ranger proves to be the first truly effective digital night vision device and subsequently one of the most successful digital night vision devices in the company’s history.


Birth of Pulsar

Launched in 2009, the Digisight N550 digital night vision riflescope enables Pulsar to tap into the global leaders in the segment of digital night vision devices. Along with Digisight, the range expands to include several day-time, night-time, and – sometime later – thermal imaging devices with ample functions, which are marketed under Pulsar™.


First civilian thermal imager

The Quantum becomes the first thermal imaging monocular device made by Pulsar between 2012 and 2015. It pushes the company to be the leader in the market of civil-purpose thermal imagers and the series will be developed until 2018.


First night vision optics with the LRF

By introducing Digisight LRF, the first night vision device with a built-in laser range finder, Pulsar offers new possibilities of seamless nighttime hunting at various distances.


The debut of thermal night vision riflescope

Pulsar debuts its first thermal night vision riflescope, the Apex, with many unique features: picture in picture display mode, one shot zero, and a thermal iris algorithm for enhanced detection recognition, to mention just a few.


Brand new night scope embedded in daylight format

Photon (under the brand name Yukon) is the first digital night vision riflescope on the market, which is embedded in the familiar and understandable form factor for any hunter and mounted using 30mm rings.

Later, the flagship lines of the Pulsar lineup – Thermion thermal imaging riflescopes (2019) and Digex digital scopes (2020) – are made in the form of classic daytime optics.


Expanded functions for optical devices and the first mobile app

Devices with embedded video recording, Wi-Fi, mobile integration using the Stream Vision app, and other innovations are first applied in the Helion thermal imaging monocular and the Trail thermal imaging riflescope. This original concept is later replicated in most upcoming Pulsar thermal and digital devices.


An ultra-compact thermal imaging monocular

The Axion XM30 is introduced to the market. Not only does it easily fit into a pocket, but it can also detect an object of standard height (up to 1.8 m) at a distance of up to 1,350 meters in complete darkness. The same year, the new Thermion thermal imaging riflescope is introduced.


Best Rifle Scope of the Year

The Thermion XG50 is awarded Optical Sight of the Year at the annual Golden Bullseye Awards. The awards are presented by the National Rifle Association (NRA) in the United States. The winners are selected by a competent panel of seven experts, consisting of editors, graphic designers, and experienced NRA staff – all of whom harbour extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of shooting and hunting.

The competition jury praises the Thermion XG50’s technological capabilities, noting that the thermal sight “expands the range in which hunters can detect game and provides increased resolution, giving users more information about what they see.”

Other remarkable awards:

The Pulsar Trail XP50 thermal riflescope is named Night Vision / Thermal Product of the year at the Great British Shooting Awards 2019.

In 2020, the Pulsar Thermion XP50 receives the same award.

At the annual Shooting Awards 2020, British magazine “Shooting Times” names the Pulsar Thermion XM50 the Night Vision scope of the Year and the Pulsar Accolade XP50 the Best Binoculars of the Year.

The Pulsar Helion 2 XP50 PRO thermal imaging monocular is named Night Vision / Thermal Product of the year at the Great British Shooting Awards 2022.


30th anniversary

We actively expand our production, logistics, marketing, client support, service facilities, and R&D units around the world. Around 20 new products are brought to the market every year. The company has a presence over 70 countries, with exclusive distribution in most.


A riflescope for everyone

The Talion becomes the first compact class thermal imaging riflescope by Pulsar. The lightweight and versatile device is perfect for professional hunting and features all top qualities of the scope range.

Another member of the Pulsar scopes family – the Thermion 2 LRF is introduced. Pulsar solves the puzzle and adds the missing piece to the classic Thermion design – a built-in precision laser rangefinder.


Worldwide leader

Operates in 70 countries.

Multinational company with more than 1000 employees.