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Finding the best compact binoculars for hunting

Are you looking for the best compact binoculars for hunting? Then you came to the right place, as Yukon Sideview might just perfectly fit the bill.

Now, of course, we are biased, but keep in mind that when making our products, we always work closely with real hunters. They are the first to try our binoculars, they share their honest feedback with us, and then we make some tweaks to make sure all our devices not only look nice on paper but actually perform great in the field. And that’s why we’re confident that Sideview are the best compact hunting binoculars.

They come in two models – 8×21 and 10×21. The first features an 8x magnification, which is ideal for hunting in dense vegetation – think thick forests and bushes. Since the flora makes visibility fairly limited, you are likely to hunt from closer distances, and you don’t need the perks of huge magnification. Meanwhile, the 10x model is usually defined as a jack of all trades by various hunters. Whether you’re hunting in an open field, a thick forest, calling, or stalking, they will serve you just right. Plus, this magnification allows the device to retain its small weight, which is definitely something you should consider when picking out the best compact hunting binoculars.

Here is another proof that we work closely with hunters – both Sideview models come with fixed lens caps. It might sound like a minor detail to someone who is just starting their hunting journey, but if you ask any experienced chaser, they will probably tell you about having lost more lens caps than they could count. With Sideview, that’s virtually impossible. Once opened, the caps adjoin the body closely and become literally invisible. This, of course, is a nice design perk, but definitely consider the lens caps when choosing a pair of compact hunting binoculars.

Best compact hunting binoculars

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And speaking of compact binoculars for hunting (stressing the compact here) – the Yukon Sideview really are. They measure 124x99x45 mm and only weigh 190 grams (or 6.7 ounces). Being so light, they won’t add much to your total hunting set-up and thus will become irreplaceable for stalking and other types of active hunting.

Another thing to note when looking at compact binoculars for hunting – or any device, really, is the price. We can promise you that you won’t need to break the bank for a pair of Yukon Sideview. They are really affordable and, with such functionality, become unbeatable in their class.

To make sure your compact hunting binoculars are also convenient to use, you will want to look at the dioptre adjustment possibilities. Yukon Sideview allows for +/-5 diopters. For most, this will be plenty, even if you have to wear corrective glasses or contacts. Plus, the adjustments are individual for each eye. Since vision usually differs, adjusting the diopters to each eye will make observation more comfortable, reducing possible strain over long periods of time.

You will also like the fact that Yukon Sideview is coated with a non-slip coating which ensures a comfortable grip and protection from dirt. Easy to use, designed to withstand extreme temperatures, and sold together with a convenient carrying case, they truly are the best compact binoculars for hunting Yukon has to offer.