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Jaeger – best riflescope for hunting by Yukon

Pardon the pun, but are you here because you are riflescope hunting? You came to the right place as here you’ll find everything you need to know about Jaeger – Yukon’s best riflescope for hunting.

The Jaeger is our flagship optical sight loved by hunters worldwide. If you try to search for reviews, you will find that one of the reasons for Jaeger being the best riflescope for hunting is the price and quality ratio. We won’t be humble here – having many years of experience helps us develop products that leave users pleased with their performance.

But enough small talk – let’s have a look at the facts and see why Jaeger is the best riflescope for hunting. For you.

First things first – quality and longevity. All Jaeger riflescopes are made with a reinforced, sturdy body, which allows using the sight with most hunting weapons. Thanks to high shock and vibration resistance, Jaeger can be installed on large-caliber rifled and smooth-bore weapons and can be used with spring-piston air guns.

Another great benefit of the Jaeger model is the design of the riflescope. Hunting rarely takes place in daytime conditions only; thus, we designed the scope to accommodate various types of clip-ons. This way, you can easily mount a thermal or night vision attachment and enjoy the benefits of daytime optics well into the night.

And speaking of hunting in various conditions – with Jaeger, you can continue your outings even if the weather gets really rough. Thanks to the nitrogen-purged optical path, you won’t need to worry about sudden temperature changes, which often cause fogging. And it is fully waterproof, meaning no precipitation will ruin your hunt.

Now that we’ve discussed operational conditions let’s have a closer look at the technical specifications of the riflescope. Hunting, obviously, requires incredible precision, and Jaeger comes equipped with certain features to improve it.

Best riflescope for hunting

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First of all, it is the resettable turrets. Thanks to the design of windage and elevation turrets, you can reset them to zero after zeroing the sight with one click of a button.

Then, it’s the illuminated reticles. Located in the rear focal plane, they remain thin and do not cover the target even if you zoom in multiple times. With five different shapes to choose from and adjustable illumination, you will be sure to find one that fits your situation the best.

Okay, but even with all that, you might still be wondering how one single device can be the best riflescope for hunting for everyone? Well, it cannot. That’s why Jaeger comes in four different variations.

With different lenses and magnification, they are designed to accommodate the most popular hunting styles. For long-range shooters, Jaeger 3-12×56 is the way to go – with a wild field of view and considerable magnification, it makes acquiring small targets at large distances easy.

If you wish to sort of have it all, then Jaeger 3-9×40 will be the riflescope. Hunting in any lighting conditions at short, medium and long distances at large, medium and small targets with this device is pure pleasure.

Jaeger 1-4×24, thanks to its small weight and low base magnification, is perfect for driven hunts – shooting at moving targets from short distances. And if you practice both driven hunts and medium-range shooting, Jaeger 1.5-6×42 will surely serve you well.

So, are you ready for a hunt? Find your closest distributor and get ready to experience some great adventures with your trusty Jaeger.