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Yukon Jaeger: the best riflescope for all your hunting needs

Picking the right riflescope is an important decision a hunter has to make and one that requires quite a bit of research. With such a wide choice available nowadays, one can easily find themselves quite lost in the woods. But we’re here to prevent this and help you choose the best riflescope for all your hunting needs.

What you might wish to consider first is the brand, as it will likely influence the overall quality and longevity of your device. Here at Yukon, we have nearly thirty years of experience in making daytime rifle optic sights, and throughout the times, more and more customers trust us with their hunting needs. This has to mean something, right?

Yukon has one riflescope model – Jaeger, but it comes in four different variations to satisfy the needs of all hunters and hunting styles. The variations are:

To understand their names – and, later, their differences – let’s see what these numbers mean. The very first one stands for base magnification. The second one shows how many times the image can be magnified. And the final characterizes lens diameter.

We will discuss what these parameters mean in action slightly later, but before we find the best riflescope for you, let’s see what features they all have in common.

  • Fully waterproof,
  • Nitrogen-purged optical path,
  • Reinforced body,
  • High shock resistance,
  • Resettable to zero turrets,
  • Illuminated reticle.

When evaluating optic sights for rifle, it is absolutely crucial to look at features like the ones we mentioned above. Waterproofness is vital for you to be able to hunt in heavy precipitation (or rest assured that your device will work smoothly even if you submerge it into the water for a little while). Yukon’s signature nitrogen-filled optical channel protects the riflescope from fogging, which often occurs in rapid temperature changes.

Yukon’s rifle optic sights


The sturdy housing ensures that Jaeger riflescopes can be used with almost any high-caliber gun; plus, they are designed to accommodate night or thermal vision clip-on systems. Thanks to elevation and windage turrets, zeroing Yukon’s rifle optic sights is simple and reliable, while custom illuminated reticles ensure sound aiming.

Now that we’ve discussed what Yukon riflescopes have in common let’s see their differences to define which one is the best for you.

The Yukon Jaeger 3-9×40 is perhaps the most versatile optic sight – with a wide field of view and long eye relief, it will serve you at short to long distances, whether you’re aiming at small or large targets.

Meanwhile, Jaeger 3-12×56 is ideal for long-range shooters. With an ever wider field of view, higher magnification capabilities, and a wider lens for high light gathering, it guarantees precision and accuracy.

If you’re after a truly compact riflescope that you will primarily use for driven hunts, Jaeger 1-4×24 is the one to go for. With 1x base magnification and incredibly small weight, it’s ideal for those who need to make decisions fast and enjoy hunting without too much heavy equipment.

If driven hunts are something you enjoy occasionally but are looking for one device that would fit various outings, go for Jaeger 1.5-6×42 scope. Riflescope with a wide lens and multipurpose magnification is ideal for both shooting moving targets at a short range and aiming at still objects at a medium range.

We hope this article helped you choose the riflescope that will serve you in any daytime hunts. Now all that’s left to do is to find your local Yukon distributor and see the devices in real life.