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Jaeger – optical sights for demanding conditions

Hunting with optic sight with variable magnification scopes is the game changer. Unlike 2x optic sight or other fixed scopes that allow you to use only one magnification, with variable magnification scopes, you can hunt from a variety of ranges.

The main challenge remains to find out which device would best meet your expectations. The good news is that Yukon has something to offer for different hunting types.

If you are up to hunting in open landscapes, Jaeger 3-12×56 will be one of the best optic sights for you. Its distinctive feature is the ability to identify and hit small targets from long ranges precisely. And thanks to high light gathering optics, this optic sight will work whether you’re hunting in daylight or low light conditions at dusk.

Of course, we also have optical sights for driven hunting lovers. Jaeger 1-4×24 is a lightweight and compact optical sight created to be ideal for driven hunts.

If you’re looking for the best optic sight that would perfectly work for various types of hunting, the model you should be looking for is Jaeger 1.5-6×42. These multipurpose optical sights can be used both for driven hunts when shooting short-range moving targets and when your targets are at medium-range distances.

Optical sights for demanding conditions

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The most popular and universal device is the Jaeger 3-9×40. You can use it under any lighting conditions, at short, medium, and long distances, aiming at large, medium, and small targets.

When using Yukon Jaeger optical equipment, you won’t need to worry about weather conditions. Due to the nitrogen-filled optical channel found in all Jaeger optic scope sight models, the inner parts of the device are protected from fogging, which is often caused by rapid temperature changes. Moreover, you can use these sights in precipitation of any intensity – heavy showers or snowfall won’t affect our sights as they are completely waterproof.

So, why don’t you have a look at the range of our Jaeger optic sights and choose the one that suits your needs best?