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How to choose binoculars for whale watching?

Are you heading on your first whale-watching trip? We’re about to get jealous because it’s one of the most incredible experiences. If you want it to be the best, binoculars for whale watching are a must.

Of course, you can see the whales with the naked eye, but if you asked people who have already tried watching these beautiful creatures with binos, they would reassure you that the view with whale-watching binoculars is way more spectacular. Whether you decide to watch these animals from the shore or the boat, have binoculars for whale watching because seeing whales in more detail is a next-level experience.

If you wonder how to choose the best whale-watching binoculars, we’re here to help. First, you must pay attention to certain features of your new device. Let’s figure out what they are.

A wide field of view is essential when searching for the best binoculars. Whale-watching tours typically happen from a vessel or a boat, so you’ll usually adore whales from medium to large distances. The wide field of view helps to spot whales quickly and simply. With a broader field of view, it will be easier to notice a large, marvelous creature that stands out. To find the best binoculars for whale watching, consider the Yukon Sideview 8×21 model. These binos provide a spectacular 7-degree angle field of view and offer an 8x magnification power, perfect for watching whales on the boat.

So yes, magnification power is another critical feature to remember when looking for the best whale-watching binoculars. Naturally, the view can be unstable when you go whale watching by boat. The stronger the zoom, the more chances you’ll have an image shake, and it won’t be easy to see what you’re looking at without using a tripod. Binoculars with lower magnification power provide less of an image shake. Thus Yukon Sideview 8×21 and Yukon Sideview 10×21 are excellent in shaky situations.

Binoculars for whale watching

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Comfort is the third essential factor to have in mind when getting your binoculars. Whale-watching will be a much more pleasant experience when you have a device that is lightweight, easy to use, and comfortable to hold. Our before-mentioned Yukon Sideview binos can be described as the most compact binoculars on the market. They weigh only 190 grams and are of a minimal size, ensuring you’ll be able to have them by your side without feeling the weight of a heavy device. Another critical aspect is Yukon Sideview soft-touch coating. It’s non-slip and ensures that the binoculars will be comfortable to hold firmly. The lens caps are attached to the binoculars, which makes them literally invisible, and you won’t need to worry about losing them.

And finally, when going on your incredible trip, remember that the best binoculars for whale watching are the ones that are easy to use. By choosing Yukon Sideview models, you won’t need to bother figuring out how to use them – it’s intuitive. These binoculars feature one-hand operation. Thus, you will be able to focus on the fantastic scenery rather than the complicated mechanisms of the device.

We hope this information will help you find your best binoculars. Whale-watching experience will be elevated to the next level with your new binoculars, we promise! If you’d like to check Yukon devices in real life, please visit our local distributor nearby and get ready to get closer to the beautiful wonders of nature!