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Yukon rifle mounts – for your best hunting experience

Rifle scope mounts are excellent accessories for your hunting activities. Choosing the right one for your rifle and being able to mount your scope correctly is essential for identifying and hitting the target as intended.

Accurately positioned rifle mount gives you the correct ocular and optical capability and physical stability between the rifle and the scope. Thus, by helping you to create a stable system when installing a scope to your gun, rifle scope mounts are directly related to the quality of your hunting experience.

There are many different types of rifle scope mounts, and the one you need to look for depends on what your weapon is equipped with: some rifles have Weaver or Picatinny-type rails, and others are equipped with dovetail side rail or upper mount dovetail. Yukon has mounts suitable for them all. While choosing among the types of rifle scope mounts, keep in mind your weapon model and its manufacturer.

For the hunters who use bolt-action CZ-500 rifles, Yukon has to offer CZ550 Rifle Mount. This quick-release mount allows you to install riflescopes on hunters’ beloved CZ-550 carbine.

If you own a weapon equipped with a dovetail side rail, the right choice is Yukon AK Side Rifle Mount. It will perfectly work as air rifle scope mounts for Saiga, Tiger, Vepr, SKS, and other carbines.

Rifle Scope Mounts

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If you’re looking among the best rifle scope mounts for your Los 7-1, Los 4 or Bars 4-1 weapon, Los/Dovetail Rifle Mount is the one you’re searching for. This handy Yukon accessory is suitable for rifles with an upper dovetail mount and is usually chosen among the ones who are searching for air rifle scope mounts.

The Weaver Rifle Mount is designed to install riflescopes on hunting weapons that are equipped with Weaver or Picatinny-type rails. This type of rifle mount is fixed to the rail with steel stop screws.

And when the time comes to look for an adapter, take a look at Yukon Prism 14/200 Rifle Mount and MAK adapter. The universal base for placing mounts is Prism 14/200 Rifle Mount. It’s compatible with weapons manufactured by EAW (Apel), Blaser, MAK, and others. And if you’re looking for an accessory that would allow you to equip the riflescope with MAK monoblock mounts (МАК Milmont, MAR Flex, and others), choose the MAK adapter and use it for further installation on the weapon.

Have you figured out which rifle scope mount is the best choice for your weapon? We hope you did and can’t wait to hear about your improved hunting experience.