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Sightline N450S

Digital Night Vision Riflescope


Sightline N450S

Digital Night Vision Riflescope

• HD-sensor 1280×720
• High magnification 4-16x
• Over 350 m nighttime viewing range
• Enhanced nighttime sensitivity
• Scalable ballistic reticles
• Accurate Zoom Zeroing
• Three individual shooting profiles
• Quick start-up time

High magnification 4-16x

Basic magnification (4x) can be increased with the digital zoom. The zoom changes in 2x steps or continuously for a truly optimum, customized field of view.


The highly sensitive CMOS sensor featuring 1280х720 HD resolution delivers a high definition image with precise detail rendering.

Best nighttime sensitivity in its class

In natural moonlight and starlight, radiation in the infrared spectrum prevails. New electronic components and advanced firmware enabled allows a two fold increase of nighttime sensitivity compared to other Yukon models, which allows operation of the Sightline in twilight and night time with minimal external illumination. High sensitivity in the range of 900-950nm makes it possible to use the Sightline riflescope with invisible IR Illuminators.

Over 350 m nighttime viewing range

High nighttime sensitivity, high resolution display and sensor, high magnification and a powerful built-in IR Illuminator for operation in total darkness make the Sightline N450 the perfect tool for target detection at distances of 350-400 meters.

Scalable ballistic reticles

The aiming reticle is electronic and is always in the image plane. The Sightline has five selectable reticles featuring various shapes, colors and functions, including ballistic reticles. Ballistic reticles are scaled proportionally to the change of riflescope’s magnification, similar to the reticles placed in the first focal plane of optical sights. Angular dimensions of reticles’ parts remain unchanged at all magnifications, which allows quick measuring of distance and adjusting when shooting at various ranges.

High precision aiming with «Picture-in-Picture» mode

«Picture-in-Picture» mode allows the user to add an extra frame to the display. Sized only 1/10 of the total display’s, the frame shows enlarged image of the target and reticle. This allows the user to see both: enlarged image of the aiming area and the full field of view.

Accurate Zoom Zeroing

The user can zero in the riflescope either at the basic magnification or at a zoom, with the click value decreasing as the zoom value increases. At the maximum magnification reticle step is less than 0.1 MOA. Aiming point is stable in the entire range of magnifications.

Three individual shooting profiles

Zeroing settings are saved in a shooting profile. The riflescope allows the user to create up to three shooting profiles for various rifles and cartridges. Each profile can hold up to 10 zeroing distances.

Quick start-up time

From the push of the power button to full operation, the Sightline features an ultra-fast 3.5-second startup time, one of the fastest in its class.

Universal rail for various mount types

The universal mounting rail allows the user to couple Sightline with a vast majority of Yukon and Pulsar mounts such as Weaver type mounts, Dovetail, Side mount, Euro prism and MAK adapters. Such a large selection of mounts enables the Sightline to be mounted on virtually any hunting rifle available on the market. Selection of positioning of a rifle allows installation of the mount based on shooter’s anthropometric data and rifle’s design and allows the most effective use of the rifle and riflescope.

Quick-release rechargeable power supply included

The supplied quick-release battery pack can be installed and removed within seconds. A special mark on the battery’s cover allows changing an empty battery correctly by touch even in total darkness. Changeable battery packs, as well as battery holders for the regular AA batteries are available as accessories.

Easy operation with a single controller

Sightline is one of the easiest riflescope to operate on the market. Dedicated buttons are used to activate the riflescope and the built-in IR Illuminator. All other functions are performed by a controller wheel which supports both press and push actions.

High caliber applicable: cal 12, 9.3x64, 375H&H

The Sightline features exceptionally high shock resistance, capable of handling high-powered firearm recoil, up to .375-cal., including smoothbore and airsoft.

Powerful long-range IR Illuminator

The Sightline N450 and N470 riflescopes are supplied with a built-in high power IR illuminator. The long-range 850 nm IR provides effective observation of remote objects. Three adjustable IR power levels help choose preferred effective range and illumination level of an object observed.

Wide-angle eyepiece – no keyhole effect

The complex six lens wide-angle eyepiece combined with HD AMOLED display ensures comfortable image perception. The images produced by Sightline are notable for consistent distortion-free image across the entire field of view, good contrast and absence of keyhole effect.

MicroHDMI video output

The built-in microHDMI output is designed to transmit and record the high quality image produced by Sightline.

Stadiametric rangefinder

One of the most useful features of Sightline is the stadiametric rangefinder – a dynamic rangefinding scale intended to help determine range to objects with known height 1.7 m (deer), 0.7m (wild boar)m and 0.3 m (rabbit).

Wide range of operating temperature (-20 - +40°C)

Sightline is built to operate in low temperatures. The frost-resistant AMOLED display features quick response rate and ensures a crisp image when viewing fast moving objects.

Display-off mode

The display off mode is very useful when the user needs to suspend operation for a while. The mode helps prevent light exposure and enables the user resume operation immediately – all riflescope’s functions remain operational.

Side incline indication

Side incline indication helps prevent the aiming point from shifting. Once the rifle is inclined by more than five degrees, the riflescope signals by showing inclination arrows. The larger amount of arrows, the greater is the incline.

Automatic shut-down function

This function automatically turns the riflescope off as soon as it is in the non-working position for a certain time interval – inclination angle is more than 70 degrees vertically or 30 degrees horizontally. Time interval is selected by the user.


Sightline N450S

Optical characteristics

Optical magnification, x


Magnification range (digital zoom), x


Lens focus, mm


Relative aperture, D/f'


Field of view (HxV), degrees / m@100m


Eye Relief, mm


Detection range, m



Click value, mm at 100 m


Click range, H/V, mm at 100 m

2100 (± 100 clicks)

Sensor type/ Resolution, pixels

CMOS / 1280x720

Display type/ Resolution, pixels

AMOLED / 1024х768

Built-in IR illuminator



Wavalength, nm


Operational characteristics

Operating voltage, V


Battery type

DNV Battery Pack/ Rechargeable AA batteries

Dergee of Protection, IP code (IEC 60529)


Max. recoil power on rifled weapon (Eo), Joules


Shock resistance on the smooth-bore rifles, caliber


Operating temperature range, °С

-20 – +40

Dimensions, mm


Weight (w/o batteries), kg


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